Tut00: Introduction


Please refer to the course page on Canvas for information on registration and on the course website for flag submission.

When you register on the course website, you should receive an email with an api-key. This is essentially your identity for this class. You can use it to log into the course website.

If you experience any difficulties with registration, please send us an email. 6265-staff@cc.gatech.edu

Before we proceed any further, please read the game rules.

Local installation

Students registered for the course can do the tutorials on our lab servers without installing anything locally (please check Canvas or Ed Discussions for login info). For anyone else who would like to follow our tutorials, you can easily set up a local virtual environment like so:

$ mkdir cs6265-tut
$ cd cs6265-tut
$ wget https://tc.gts3.org/cs6265/tut/tut.tar.gz
$ tar xzvf tut.tar.gz
$ cd tut
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
[vm] $ ./seclab tut01

Before doing each tutorial, please run ./seclab [tut] (e.g. tut01, tut02) to set up the environment.